How did this all start?

When word came through on the 13th March that all events over 500 people would be cancelled, around the country, the echoes were felt amongst bands, promotors and event crews.  Whilst some panicked and did everything they could to batten down the hatches, the team behind Live In Ya Lounge started to get creative.

Appreciating there would be a whole lot of disappointed fans, stuck at home; and unable to attend a live concert, Live In Ya Lounge was born. A means for artists to deliver the live concert experience direct into peoples homes.

This wasn’t just going to be an artist in their lounge room with a smart phone streaming online. This was going to be a virtual concert, with a full production, professional audio and lighting, delivering the next best thing to attending a concert in person.

We want our shows to be a means of bringing the high end aspects of a live performance into the online world, in an intimate way designed for lounge room viewing. Once we go “live” we will be well and truly live, with all the raw imperfections of a live performance

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