Pre-recorded Shows

Live in Ya Lounge

Live In Ya Lounge has secured a remote site which is setup with all the equipment needed to produce a live show. We have all the audio, lighting, vision, staging and streaming equipment ready to go. By adhering to a strict hygiene and sanitisation policy, Live In Ya Lounge is completely compliant with all Government and Health organisations requirements. We are able to work with the artist on changing the look and feel of the set and lighting to tailor the experience for their performance.

We want these shows to be a means of bringing all of the high end aspects of a live performance into the online world, in an intimate way designed for lounge room viewing. By pre-recording, and then uploading the recording of the performance later, we are able to really iron out any mistakes or imperfections. This is probably more like shooting a music video, and we can re-take the shoot as many times as required to get it right.

pre-recorded shows

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